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Angel, the Killer Rabbit of Caerbannog by jay-bird69
Mature content
Angel, the Killer Rabbit of Caerbannog :iconjay-bird69:jay-bird69 2 0
Magneto Bolt by jay-bird69 Magneto Bolt :iconjay-bird69:jay-bird69 0 0 As a Full-time Companion - Ponyinabox Art Contest by jay-bird69 As a Full-time Companion - Ponyinabox Art Contest :iconjay-bird69:jay-bird69 1 0 An Unearthly Filly - Ponyinabox Art Contest by jay-bird69 An Unearthly Filly - Ponyinabox Art Contest :iconjay-bird69:jay-bird69 4 0
LoK - Silver Sandwich
General Iroh sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose, a habit he'd apparently inherited from his grandfather.  He was so unsure of himself now.  Amon and the Equalists had flying machines that annihilated his entire vanguard fleet.  How in Agni's name was he supposed to win back Republic City now?  Even with a second fleet of ships on the way, they'd be destroyed unless he could warn Bumi.
Iroh felt like he'd failed.  He'd failed all the brave men and women, benders and nonbenders on board the ships.  He'd failed Republic City, the entire United Republic of Nations.  He'd failed the world.
Iroh resisted the urge to grip his left arm through the bandage.  Even after Avatar Korra healed the burn, it was still sore and he knew it would scar.  It would always be there, a reminder of his failure earlier that day.
Iroh sunk to the floor and buried his face in his hands, blinking back tears of frustrat
:iconjay-bird69:jay-bird69 2 0
TFSND - 125 Things Firestar Must Remember
125 Things Firestar Must Always Remember
1 – Firestar is not allowed to have an over dosage of chamonile.
2 – Watching too much television will result in melting. (applies only to clan cats)
3 – Fanfiction is better left to the two-legs.
4 – Amp is only for Jayfeather and two-legs.
5 – Cats cannot become vegetarians.
6 – Attempting to play tag with a skunk does not end well.
7 – Nor does playing tag with a porcupine.
8 – Mermaids do not exist.
9 – Cats cannot breathe underwater.
10 – Working time machines have not yet been invented.
11 – Squirrelflight can easily defend herself from unwanted suitors.
12 – As can Leafpool.
14 – The author of this list skipped number thirteen.
15 – Firestar went back to check.
16 – Firestar must not eat too many cookies.
17 – Texting is for two-legs.
18 – And so are cell phones.
19 – The universe does not revolve around Twilight.
20 – Most Warrior cat
:iconjay-bird69:jay-bird69 1 2
TFSND - Medicine Cat Apprentices and Unbirthdays
Things Firestar Should Never Do: Medicine Cat Apprentices and Unbirthdays
Firepaw:  You know what, Graypaw?
Graypaw:  What, Firepaw?
Firepaw:  I want to be Spottedleaf's apprentice.
Graypaw:  What?  Why?
Firepaw:  ...
Graypaw:  Is it because you're in love with her?
Firepaw:  No!
Graypaw:  I'm right!  It is because you're in love with her!
Firepaw:  Am not!
Graypaw:  Are too!
Firepaw:  Am not!
Graypaw:  Whatever.  But Bluestar invited you into the clan to do warrior training, not
medicine cat training.
Firepaw:  I'd still be serving the clan, right?
Graypaw:  Well...  I guess...
Firepaw:  I going, whether you like it or not!  *leaves the apprentice den*
Graypaw:  *sighs*
Firepaw:  *runs to Bluestar's den*  Bluestar, I want to be Spottedleaf's apprent
:iconjay-bird69:jay-bird69 0 0
Summer Olympics - London 2012 by jay-bird69 Summer Olympics - London 2012 :iconjay-bird69:jay-bird69 0 0 Death to the Fez - Ponyinabox Art Contest by jay-bird69 Death to the Fez - Ponyinabox Art Contest :iconjay-bird69:jay-bird69 3 2 What Dialga's Roar of Time Sounds Like by jay-bird69 What Dialga's Roar of Time Sounds Like :iconjay-bird69:jay-bird69 9 1 Snug as a... Cat? by jay-bird69 Snug as a... Cat? :iconjay-bird69:jay-bird69 1 1
Things Firestar Should Never Do: Amp
Firestar had a lot on his mind that day, so he was hunting alone.  No one, just him and –
"Hi, Firestar!"
Firestar almost jumped out of his pelt when he heard the voice.  But before he could attack, he scented that it was Jayfeather.
"Great StarClan, Jayfeather!  I thought you were an intruder!"
"What are you doing out here, Firestar," asked Jayfeather as they stared out at the lake.
"There's so much going on.  The whole clan thinks Sol killed Ashfur, and they all want me to take action.  But I want to find out the truth before I punish him."
"You know?  What always helps me the most is a little bit of caffeine."
"What's caffeine?"  Firestar asked.
"This is caffeine," said Jayfeather.  He pulled out a can of Amp, popped the top, and took a sip.
"Ah, now that is good.  Here, have some," he said, offering the can to Firestar.
Firestar took the can,
:iconjay-bird69:jay-bird69 1 1
The Hound of Pennsylvania
Dear Reader,
It was October of 1787 and I interviewing Mr. Samuel Barrymore who had apparently killed Mr. Mortimer, the local apothecary.  It was a cold day for late October and I could have been eating dinner (Sarah's actually a pretty good cook when she puts her mind to it, but don't tell her I said that!) by the fire in the print shop for the Pennsylvania Gazette, but no, I was standing outside a freezing cold prison cell, interviewing a murderer.  Why was I interviewing him? Well...
"I-I know it'll sound crazy," Mr. Barrymore said.  "But it was...  it was a hound.  An enormous, black beast, foaming at the mouth and it had this eerie glow to it too.  And then I must've startled it when I stepped on that stick because it ran off into the woods.  So then I went over to see if Mr. Mortimer was alright, but he wasn't breathing.  And then all those people came and found me and said I killed him."
"Well," I sa
:iconjay-bird69:jay-bird69 1 8
Infer and Suggest
"And just as Mr. John Dickenson tried to infer that Paine's Common Sense is a waste of time-"
"I don't think 'infer' is the word you want to use," Sarah interrupted.
"Yes, it is," said James.

James flipped through the pages of Samuel Johnson's A Dictionary of the English Language, searching for one word.  He came to the entry for "infer" and began reading.  As he scanned the page, his eyes lit up and he ran as quickly from the room as he possibly could while holding an extremely heavy book.
"Sarah!  Sarah!"
James rounded the corner into the kitchen where Sarah was preparing dinner.
"What one earth are you yelling about, James?"
"Take a look at this."  He pointed to the entry for "infer" in the dictionary.  "See?  One definition for 'infer' is 'suggest.'  I told you it was the right word!"
"Well, I think 'suggest' is easier to understand."
"But 'infer' sounds better."
"No it doesn't."
"Yes it does! 
:iconjay-bird69:jay-bird69 2 6
TFSND - The Television of Doom
Things Firestar Should Never Do: The Television of Doom
Firestar is in his den.  Sandstorm walks in.
Sandstorm: What are you doing, Firestar?  The evening patrol is-
Firestar: Silence in the presence of the Great Television!
Sandstorm:  Fine then.  We'll go without you, you stupid furball! (runs from Firestar's den sobbing)
Brackenfur: (Rushes in) Firestar, Firestar!  ShadowClan cats have crossed the border and they want a fight!  You have to-
Firestar: Silence in the presence of the Great Television!
Brackenfur:  But they're going to invade our camp!
Blackstar: (bursts into Firestar's den, ShadowClan cats are attacking ThunderClan camp) I've got you now, Firestar!
Firestar: Silence in the presence of the Great Television!
Brackenfur: Firestar, run!  I'll hold him off!
Blackstar: (stares at TV in the same hypnotized way as Firestar) Yes.  Silence in the presence of the Great Television.
The Shadow
:iconjay-bird69:jay-bird69 2 4
Turwtig by jay-bird69 Turwtig :iconjay-bird69:jay-bird69 1 0




Yep, I'm moving accounts (not like anyone's really watching, but whatever).  I needed a name change for (hopefully) obvious reasons, so yeah.

New account is here:

I don't think I'll delete this account and move all my stuff to the new account since that's too much work (and, frankly, the stuff I made from years ago is embarrassingly awful).  So, I'll probably leave everything here as it is.  I probably won't be checking this account, so if I haven't replied to a comment or note, that's why.

I'm not sure what will happen with the Diogenes Club, I'm getting a bit sick of all the BBC Sherlock stuff.  As much as I love the show and adore Benedict and Martin, I get tired of all my in-person friends being "Sherlock this and Sherlock that."

Well, peace out, folks.


United States
New account here:

I needed a name change for obvious reasons (I made this account when I was a lot younger and oh so ignorant) so yeah.


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Thank you! :thanks: Sorry I took so long to reply at all, life's been pretty crazy since last weekend. ^^; I'll get my note to you as soon as I can.
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